The evolution of the F1 steering wheel

Formula 1 Exhibition (Toronto)

Mission Challenge.

  • Date: May 2024
  • Client: F1
  • Location: Toronto, Canadá

To show the evolution and the different components of the steering wheel of the Formula 1 cars competing on the international circuit.

Touch Down.

Bringing to life one of the most decisive parts of a Formula 1 driver’s car, the steering wheel.

Underneath a display case with real steering wheels, a multi-touch screen with a user-friendly interface is installed, presenting a 3D model of the steering wheel that visitors can touch.

The hyper-realistic 3D model is 360° interactive so that the visitor can discover the object from every angle and learn more about its different parts and buttons, thanks to the hotspots.

Scoope of the impact.

Sharing the knowledge, history and evolution of one of the elements of the F1 car that is not accessible to anyone other than the teams taking part in the competition.