What we do.

We digitize products, processes and spaces.

Our services

Interactive Digital Assets (IDAs).

We digitize products, processes and spaces giving rise to IDAs (Interactive Digital Assets), which allow us to represent any experience in multiple virtual platforms.

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Real product

Producto real

Interactive Digital Asset

Virtual platforms

Digital experiences that generate brand and company value.

IDAs come to life thanks to the different virtual platforms we use to generate digital experiences, guided by three key values: Quality and speed that ensure optimal performance. Plug & play experiences with easy installation and start-up. And our wow experience, which seeks to surprise and amaze users, defining our vision in the creation of captivating digital solutions.

  • Virtual reality

    Experiences with Virtual Reality glasses in which users can interact with products and services in an intuitive and easy to use way.

    We design and program customized interactive universes for a total immersion in the brand to which you can add motion simulators that raise the wow effect of the experience.

    • Digital Twins from images of existing spaces.
    • Seamless experiences for all audiences.
    • Easily scalable for large events.
    • Corporate content viewer, including 360 videos.

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  • Augmented reality

    Our Augmented Reality experiences allow the visualization of digital products in real spaces or create augmented digital interactivity around real products.

    Perfect solution for the launch of new products as well as for its educational and technical support function.

    • Experiences in APP or web link format.
    • Real-time data visualization of machinery in operation.
    • Developed for tablets and smartphones IOS and Android.
    • Visual effects and three-dimensional animations.

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  • 3D viewers

    The easiest way to visualize and interact with an IDA is through our 3D visualizers. Easily exportable to smartphone, tablet, computer and VR, the user will be able to interact with virtual objects and spaces like never before.

    The 3D View aims to give a new dimension of a product and provide information interactively.

    • Perfect tool for product customization.
    • Content updated instantly with Google Sheet.
    • Possibility to integrate Augmented Reality in the interface.

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  • Holo

    By using interactive holographic displays, we create interactive experiences in which IDAs acquire three-dimensionality.

    Our HoloBox, a light box with a transparent touch screen, allows us to play with the depth given by the real object and an interface that can show, hide and interact with the single object by playing with transparencies.

    • 55″ touch surface with front and rear input.
    • Content updated instantly with Google Sheet.
    • Plug & Play concept perfect for Retail, Exhibitions and Museums.
    • Up to three objects can be interacted with at the same time in the same box.

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