Grinding Challenge America’s Cup San Miguel

ACC / San Miguel

Mission Challenge.

  • Date: February 2024
  • Client: ACC / San Miguel
  • Location: Madrid, Spain


To associate San Miguel brand with the 2024 America’s Cup through an interactive and participatory digital experience.

To foster a positive corporate culture through open communication, inclusion, respect and empathy among attendees at San Miguel’s annual Distributor Convention.

Touch Down.

Convention participants competed in a virtual game to unfurl the digital sails in the shortest time using the WaterGrinder machines used by professional sailors for training. The three best times were displayed on the screen during the game.

Development of a virtual gamification application exclusively for the brand.

Programming of the application with the modelling and interactivity of the American Magic boat sponsored by the brand and programming of the touch interface.

Integration of 2 WaterGrinder stations in the game. For greater playability, two interconnected stations are proposed.

75″ vertical screen integrated into the stand where a 3D model of the American Magic could be seen unfurling its sails as a real-time visual representation of the racing experience, ensuring that spectators could participate in the event.

Technology used: Unity 3D, Universal Render Pipeline, Communication with local NodeJS server, Communication with Bluetooth gyroscope/accelerometer.

Scoope of the impact.

Communication between the company’s image and the personnel attending the Convention, thus reinforcing the participation and sense of belonging of all its members and, on the other hand, helping to build the foundations for brand positioning.

More than 500 people actively participated.

10/10 in the final customer satisfaction survey.