Factory of the Future 2026


Mission Challenge.

  • Date: March 2024
  • Client: Mercedes Benz
  • Location: Vitoria-Gasteiz, Spain

Mercedes Benz inaugurates a new and innovative plant in Vitoria, convening a ceremony with the highest authorities of the country.

The client asked us to propose a technological event that reflects the brand’s commitment to the technological advances that its cars incorporate and to show visitors the challenge of a unique and complementary experience with the inauguration event.

Touch Down.

Design and programming of an interactive experience for the inauguration of the new Mercedes Benz pavilions in Vitoria-Gasteiz.

Control touch screen, connected to an external large-format screen that shows the future evolution of the exterior of the facilities through an interactive timeline.

The digital plaques appear on the date 2024, at which point the institutional representatives sign them on the screen.

A 3D robot engraved the signatures on the virtual plaques that will be installed on a digital representation of one of the new buildings.

Scoope of the impact.

All the guests at the event, from the Mercedes-Benz employees who attended, journalists, the media and the cabinets of the Lehendakari and the President of the Government as well as themselves, attended the interactive presentation of the new Mercedes-Benz power plant.

Afterwards, those responsible for the brand and the authorities present took part in the digital signing of a commemorative plaque.