Corona Wall


Mission Challenge.

  • Date: May 2024
  • Client: Corona Tools
  • Location: L.A., USA

The client asked us to produce a digital and interactive tool that reflects the history of the company, the tools they have developed since its creation in the late 1920s, and how they have come to lead the sector of professional and consumer tools for lawn and garden, landscaping, irrigation, construction, and agriculture.

Touch Down.

Creation of an interactive Wall reflecting the history and growth of the company in an immersive way, redefining the way of communicating, combining technology with a versatile and customisable design.

It will be developed to be displayed on touch screens with large format 4k quality 3D graphics and animations on PC, but also on laptops and Windows tablets, maximising the wow effect for any platform and ensuring it is a plug & play experience.

World map with the location of the different factories, offices and distribution centres.

The Corona team will be able to update and modify the content and language of the Wall remotely and with immediate update effect thanks to an easy-to-use CMS platform.

Expansion of content modules: our Walls are developed by content modules, which make it possible to expand the content modules displayed on the wall very easily.

Scope of the impact.

Easy to use narrative with Wow impact.

System fully updatable by the client via CMS.

Create a scalable interactive tool.