Scott & Irwin

Beyond experiences.

Digital innovation to generate value through interactive experiences.

Who we are

Any idea is possible.

We are a digital innovation studio that helps brands and companies that want to take their customers, products or processes to the next level of interactivity, through plug & play digital solutions.

Discover Scott & Irwin

Virtual reality Augmented reality 3D viewers Holographic Displays The Irwin Wall Virtual reality Augmented reality 3D viewers Holographic Displays The Irwin Wall

What we do

We digitize products, processes and spaces.

Thanks to this digitalization we create what we call IDAs (Interactive Digital Assets), which allow us to represent any experience on any virtual platform.

More about our services

  • Virtual reality

    Experiences with Virtual Reality glasses in which users will be able to interact with products and services in an intuitive and user-friendly way.

  • Augmented reality

    Our Augmented Reality experiences allow the visualization of digital products in real spaces or create augmented digital interactivity around real products.

  • 3D viewers

    The easiest way to visualize and interact with an IDA is through our 3D viewers.

  • Holo

    Through the use of holographic displays, we create interactive experiences in which IDAs become three-dimensional.

The Irwin Wall

An interactive and immersive display for your company. A tactile digital mural that redefines the way to communicate, combining cutting-edge technology with a versatile and customizable design.

About The Irwin Wall

  • Permanent R&D & peripherals.

    It incorporates continuous updates and is always at the forefront of digital technologies in the market. It can also integrate any virtual platform to enhance the immersive experience.

  • CMS & Multi-language.

    Customers will be able to update and modify the content and language of the Wall remotely and free of charge thanks to an easy-to-use CMS platform.

  • Customizable and plug & play.

    With different configurations possible, we adapt the structure and hardware to maximize the wow effect and ensure it is a plug & play experience.

  • 4K graphics and animation.

    Our designers create virtual platforms with 3D graphics and animations in 4K quality adapted to the needs and corporate and marketing objectives of our clients.

  • Content modules according to your needs.

    We understand storytelling as the most powerful tool to tell stories. That's why we have different content modules to tell your story in the best possible way.